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Living in Russia

When a Monegasque citizen moves to the Russian Federation, he or she must fill in an immigration form when entering the country. The inviting party must also contact the Federal Immigration Service within seven days in order to file a notification, which will be stamped by the Russian authorities and which the Monegasque national must keep in his or her passport throughout his or her stay in Russia.

Before leaving Russia, a Monegasque national must ensure that his or her visa is still valid. If the authorised residence time is exceeded or if there is no registration, the traveller is not permitted to leave Russia until his or her situation is regularised with the Federal Immigration Agency.


Monaco Embassy to Russia

Ministère d’État
Place de la Visitation
MC 98000 Monaco

Phone Number : (+377) 98 98 82 61
Fax Number : (+377) 98 98 89 34
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